Female students worried over rape case incident ‘report’

By Yasmin Latif

GOMBAK, 28 September 2016: The messages that went viral on WhatsApp and Twitter about a girl ‘reportedly’ being raped by a taxi driver last night (27 September), have caused worry especially among female students in IIUM Gombak campus. The rumour has somewhat become stronger following roadblocks erected at certain locations in the university compound.

Many thought that the roadblocks were directly related to the stories of rape spread by the social media.

Such a story immediately became a topic of discussions on IIUM Online and triggered a lot of comments from followers and readers, which mostly carried advice to remind each other on the need to pay attention to security and precautionary measures at all times.

Some comments also focused on questioning the authenticity of the news. There were questions asked as whether it’s just a rumour created by certain parties or was it really happening, but many would want to hear confirmation from the authorities.

However, the latest update from IIUMToday about the ‘case’ reported that the university security had confirmed that there was no report made to them so far.

Whether it is true or not which is still subjected to investigation and confirmation female students must take precautionary steps to avoid from untoward incident happening in our university campus.

Female students must be extra careful and must be aware of surrounding by being more vigilant and know how to defend ourselves from such an incident. It could occur at any place and at any time but it is possible to avoid.

Learn to use the safest way or route back to your Mahallah and if possible always be accompanied by your friends. Notify your friends if you walk alone by letting them know your current location.

Do make sure that your cell phone can function well and believe in your instincts. If you feel someone makes you unsafe quickly move away from the place and always bear in your mind that safety should come first.***

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