“My journey as a Political Science student”

By Hanis Azizi

When I was about 18 I never like anything related to politics. At that time I thought politics is ridiculous especially when people would get so hyped up about it. Honestly, I just didn’t get the idea of what politics is all about. As time passed by and growing a little older I begin to feel proud to be one of the Political Science students in IIUM.

My perception toward politics has changed when I started studying at the Centre for Foundation Studies in IIUM. It was compulsory for all Human Sciences students to take introductory subjects. I cringed when I saw my course registration slip stating that I needed to take Political Science as one of the compulsory introductory subjects. Until now, I can still remember the lecturer’s name.

He had this weird accent and delivered his ideas on politics quite differently. On the first day of class, as we discussed the topic, “What is Political Science?” he tried to explain to us his understanding of politics. Ultimately, what I got from the lesson was that politics is just the same as nasi lemak. Yes, the popular food that all Malaysians enjoy. Nasi lemak isn’t quite the same if one of the essential ingredients is missing, same thing goes to politics.

According to the lecturer, politics exist in every aspect of life. Even in a family where you need a leader to govern you, to influence your actions, and to implement policies, so that all members in that particular family will behave according to the needs of the leader.

Later on, he explained that Political Science can be seen through football matches. It is an act of performing well in the game, creating strategies to win the match, etc. While he was explaining about this most of my friends laughed at his analogy but I stood there dumbstruck by his explanation.

All my entire life I have been assuming that politics is dirty due to the work of the management or tasks carried out by certain individuals. Little did we realise that we were actually looking at the wrong side of politics.

The youth have been painted with the wrong perception of politics. This is what that has actually sparked my interest to pursue a degree in Political Science.

Personally, I think the interest to learn more about politics depends on the teacher itself. I had little knowledge of politics because my family do not indulge much in topics which I consider as sensitive. This has become my weakness in struggling to score aces in this course. However, after I have decided to major in Political Science, I received positive feedback from my family members, especially my sister, who would text me and ask about current issues in politics which would also excite me to read and research for more information.

Later, we would have small debates relating to current issues and exchange ideas or even come up with random suggestions that would stimulate further my knowledge that I learned in class as well as to explore in detail the issues at hand.

Although I admit the challenges I face in trying to compete with those who are far more knowledgeable in the field, I do manage to absorb as much knowledge as I can. I do learn that I need to stand on my own feet in order to be better than others.

All in all, I can say that I am proud being a Political Science student as who I am today.***

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