Foreign students get a taste of local Eid celebration

By Ajwad Amal

GOMBAK, 19 July 2016: Foreign students in Malaysia were able to enjoy local Eid celebration by joining a special programme called ‘SRC Foster Family’ organised by the IIUM Student Representative Council (SRC) 14/15.

“I’ll be honest, I wasn’t a fan of Malaysian food until I tried rendang with ketupat,” said Hurairah Courghay, a second year student of Kulliyyah of Economics and Management Sciences (KENMS) who comes from India to study in IIUM.

Hurairah was welcomed to Dungun, Terengganu by one of the project members, Muhammad A. Rahman to experience for himself the Eidul Fitri celebration with Malaysian family.

“Here people celebrate Eid for one month. Throughout the month of Shawal they’ll greet you and invite you over to their houses,” Hurairah told the social media. Besides the food, he also got a first-hand experience and a good feeling on the visit of rumah terbuka (open house), enjoying a good kuih raya and delicacies, and also collecting duit raya (Eid gift) from the hosts.

According to one SRC member, #SRCFosterFamily is designed to assist international students during their adjustment period by connecting them with Foster Family volunteers in the community. The objectives of the programme, among others, are to encourage international students to learn Malaysian culture, to strengthen friendship and ukhuwwah with their foster family, and also to promote our diversity concept.

“A simple and less budget programme can also be impactful. Hopefully this programme can be a good platform to foster cultural understanding among IIUM students,” SRC president, Mohamad Aiman Azahan said.**


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