Keeping in touch with villagers through OPAH 3.0 programme

By Muhammad Basir Roslan

RANAU, 15 June 2016: “Ponsikou”(or Thank You in Dusun language) waving were the last thing that all 30 committee members of Outreach To Kampung Pahu 3.0 (OPAH 3.0) received from the villagers at the closure of their programme at Kampung Pahu, Ranau Sabah, which began on 8 June recently.

“This programme was the first one for us from MISI Club IIUM to collaborate with Borneo Islamic Student Association of Islamic College University Selangor (PERMIB KUIS) with the help of Hidayah Centre Sabah from Bundu Tuhan branch.

There were three series of activities with the following objectives: developing the infrastructure which was an installation of water pump for the villagers, programmes for Islamic enhancement, and activities designed to maintain relationship with Kampung Pahu settlers,” said Programme Manager, Soris Bin Hamadul, 23.

He said that villagers were really in need of the water pump as they always suffered from water shortage, and this programme spent almost RM4000 to help them solve the problem. More books were added for the mini library and murals were put up. There were also Islamic enhancement programmes conducted for them such as pilgrimage practical course, ‘Correction of Al-Fatihah’ class, ‘Let Us Know Rasulullah’ and ‘Tadarus Quran’ (Quranic recitation circles).

“We would like to express our highest gratitude for Islamic Relief Malaysia for helping us with donation of used clothes for us to distribute them for the villagers, IM4U that lay on money to support this programme, as well as all parties that were involved directly or indirectly to ensure success of OPAH 3.0,” Soris said.

For Nur Syafawani Mohd Almi, 22, as a person in charge for PERMIB KUIS Committee, she felt very happy with this collaboration effort because all eight committee members had really learned many lessons on how to conduct outreach programme like what MISI Club IIUM had always been doing.

“I do hope that a collaboration programme like this will encourage bonding between IIUM and KUIS to grow even stronger and we do hope to team up again in the future,” Syafawani said.

After completing their one-week programme at Kampung Pahu, the team members enjoyed their educational trip to the Aquarium and Marine Museum at University Malaysia Sabah (UMS) and also a visit also the Desa cattle dairy farm at Kundasang from 14 to 15 June 2016.***

Photos credited to Intan Zarina Binti Makpuris

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