‘She’s your biggest supporter, motivator and helper!’ Happy Mother’s Day

By Azreen Azirinee Azizi

Everybody knows this woman. Without this woman they can’t even see the world. This woman sacrifices her life and gives everything she could just for the sake of others. And this woman doesn’t hope for anything in return.

I always wonder how can this woman love with all her might. How can this woman give everything that belongs to her for the sake of others? How is it that this woman always says “I’m okay” when she’s not okay? How can this woman be everything to someone else’s life? How can this woman forgive someone who hurt her? How can she protect the people she loves even when everyone else is judging them? Where does her courage come from?

This woman has the courage more than any best troop of armies in the world. This woman will protect her love ones even if her life could be at risk. This woman can be everything. She can be a teacher, a doctor, a nurse, a motivator, a chef or even our own Uber. But she never complain.

I always wonder why this woman is willing to do all that. Does she not even think about her own self? How valuable is she to someone? How important is she to someone’s life? Why didn’t she think of herself first before others?

I guess that is the beauty of her. This woman is so happy when she carries a human in her womb for nine months. She goes through all kinds of symptoms and pain within those nine months of carrying a human in her stomach. Even after nine months is over, she goes through sleepless nights just to make sure this person is fed enough and feels comfortable. She doesn’t care about her comfort. After those nine months, her work just keep adding up more. She works 24 hours a day, 24/7, 365 days a year and she is committed with this job and there’s no salary for the job.

Despite all these, she always says she is truly happy when she sees you happy.

If people admire all those superheroes in the movie for their great power those superheroes have I’m sure they will agree with me that this woman is far more powerful compared to all the superheroes they see in the movie.

Her touch makes you feel better when you are sad. Her voice can make you feel calm. Her smile makes your heart feel at ease and her prayer can help you achieve whatever your dreams are. Superheroes don’t have this, but your mother has it.

Yes, this woman that I’m talking about is a mother. People always relate woman with weaknesses, but if you see your mother, such perception is clearly wrong. If she is weak, how can she’s able to  carry you in her womb for nine months, feed you, raise you up, give you education and even sacrifice her dream just to see your dream come true.

Remember, when you come home feeling hungry, everything is ready on the table. Remember, when you are sick and can’t get out of bed and your mother is there to take care of you. Remember, when your mother says she is not hungry it’s just to let her kids eat. Remember, the day you just win something and she’s standing in front of the stage, she’s proud of you. Remember, when you are preparing for examination, she’s the one who is praying very hard for you. Remember, when you don’t have money and you pretend you have, but she gives you the money anyway. Remember, when you are sad, she gives you the warmest hug anyone could ever give.

A mother. Your biggest supporter, helper and motivator.

On this special day today (8 May), let’s embrace this woman for all the sacrifices she’s made. She deserves more than anything else in the world. Say thank you whenever you can. Help her whenever you can!

To my Mama and all Mothers in the world, Happy Mother’s Day! Thank you for being our superwoman.***

Azreen Azirinee Azizi

Email: azirinee.azizi@gmail.com

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