‘Mesra Kampung Project’ gets warm welcome from villagers

By Atiqah Ismail

GOMBAK, 23 April 2016: The villagers from Batu 11, Gombak, were involved in activities conducted during Mesra Kampung Project at Surau Silaturrahim recently.

“I am very happy to see the involvement of IIUM students in this project and I believe those parents who send their kids here are really happy,” said Chairman, Surau Silaturrahim, Tuan Haji Amin Haji Ahmad Ralzali.

He added that through this project it actually gives positive impact towards the kids because they can strengthen their ukhuwah among them as well as knowing each other from different groups. Furthermore, the kids also get well exposed with a lot activities conducted such as English Classes, Smart Solat Camp, Sport and others.

“At first, we faced some some problems due to lack of volunteers in this project but then with help of villagers from Batu 11, everything has now running smoothly,” said Assistant Project Manager, Nordiana Afifah Mohd Nadzri.

Mesra Kampung Project is a continuation project before this.

“We had conducted this kind of program before known as Mahasiswa Rakyat, so Mesra Kampung Project is a second time.” Nordiana added.

Mesra Kampung Project will be held again after this and the target place will be near around Gombak in order to build a good relation between IIUM students and Gombak community.

Photo by SRC 15/16

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