TESL module approach for ‘Mesra Kampung Project’

By Wafa Awla

GOMBAK, 23 April 2016: The module from IIUM Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) has been used to make learning the subject fun for Mesra Kampung project at Surau Silaturahim, Batu 11 near here recently.

“The module that we used in this project was a guideline given by TESL student named Afiq. He gave us a guideline two days before the programme and we adjust it for today since we have no idea of the exact age and number of the students,” said head of module for Mesra Kampung Project, Ammelia Asyikin bt Dolbaharin.

The main objective for this module is to teach children vocabulary and how to construct sentences.

“This module is divided into three parts. The first part is a mass module which involved more on physical movement such as jumping. The second module is about ‘Blind Ant’ and ‘Picture in the Wall’. Students need to tell us what they had seen in the picture and construct sentences from it. Last module is ‘Explorace’. We teach them basic grammar such as preposition, pronouns and superlative in every check point,” explained Murniati Abu Karim who is also a third year BENL student.

This module received positive feedback from the students.

“Even though they don’t have much vocabularies and we also had to put them from different age in the same group, but they wanted to learn so it was quite a challenge for us to entertain everyone in the group,” Ammelia added.

“This is my first time joining English class like this. I learn a lot of new things. It’s so fun and I hope this programme will be held again in the future,” said Adqiesha Adi who is also one of the participants of this programme.

About 30 children who lived around Gombak were involved in this programme. Most of them are still studying in primary school.***


Photo credited to SRC IIUM

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