A programme to feed abandoned cats and dogs

By Nor Haspin

KUALA LUMPUR, 16 April 2016: Around 10 female students from community service skills class at International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) recently held a noble programme called ‘Feed the Cats and Dogs’ where this programme was aimed at feeding the abandoned cats and dogs.

This programme was conducted in Jalan Masjid India, Pasar Seni and around all mahallah in IIUM Gombak.

According to one of the volunteers, this programme emphasised social responsibilities where it is not limited only to human beings but also animals who are considered part of the social members.

Furthermore, the programme taught volunteers the training and gave exposure to students on interests in life and to exercise responsibilities towards cats and dogs.

To run this programme, volunteers were able to collect donations of about RM1000 from IIUM students and received support from the campus community. The money was used to buy kibbles for the animals and small bottles to put the food.

Brochures and posters were given out to attract public attention and to create awareness among the public towards this programme in Masjid India and Pasar Seni.

The volunteers wanted to spread the meaning of the programme to educate Malaysians on humanity.

The extra money collected from this programme will be donated to the cats’ welfare in IIUM known as ‘Kelab Pencinta Kucing IIUM’. Volunteers expressed the hope to make collaboration with other organisations and clubs to continue with this activity.

For further information, this programme can be directed at searching social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on the name ‘FEEDTHECATSDOGS’.***

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