10 fun facts about your pet, cats!

By Nur Balqish Isarudin Shah

A cat is a creation of Allah s.w.t that is lovely and spoiled in nature. Cats are most loved animals by Prophet Muhammad and Abu Hurairah. Most of people today like to adopt a cat as their pet. This is because a cat is easy to handle and it does not require a lot of costs to maintain their needs. Moreover, a cat is also easy to be taken care of, since cats are independent and usually don’t need extra attention. In fact, most people believe that cats are the place where they can get rid of all their stress and share their problem as well.

Adopting cats is a good thing as we could help the stray cats from being abandoned and abused by irresponsible persons. But before we adopt them, it is necessary for us to know some facts about cats before we start to adopt them. Knowing how to treat a cat is very important in order to understand them well other than just to ensure their health is maintained in good condition.

There are 10 fun facts about cats that we should to know, which are:

Cats can’t taste sweetness

This is because cats lack the receptor of sweetness. Thus, even cats eat something sweet, they would not taste the sweetness. In fact, eating something sweet like chocolate is dangerous for cats’ health.

Cats can swallow and digest their food without chewing it

Those who adopt cats would notice when their cats eat something usually they will straightly swallow their food rather than chewing it first. But it is actually not good for their health. According to a study, cats supposedly need to chew their food first before they can swallow it to ensure that they could digest the food that they eat properly.

 A cat can spend five or more hours a day grooming themselves

Grooming is important for a cat. There are several reasons why cats constantly groom themselves for example, protections against the predator. Cats usually instinctively clean away food or additional odour-causing agents in order to protect themselves from being detected by potentially threatening animals. Besides that, cats are also grooming themselves as their everyday routine to clean up themselves.

Cats spend most of its time to sleep

Cats love to sleep. That’s why cats are easy to handle because cats always mind their own business.

A cat nose pad is ridged with a unique pattern

It is similar with human being fingerprint by which each and every cat have its own pattern on their nose pad.

A cat has about 12 whiskers on each side of its face

So, a cat would have about 24 whiskers for both side of its face. Cat’s whiskers are very sensitive. It helps cats to measure the width of an opening before they attempt to go through it. Therefore, if the whiskers are cut off, the cats will temporarily disable.

When there is a cat “meow” to you that’s mean the cat is communicate with you. This is because cats only “meow” to communicate with human being. So, if you’re happen to see a cat “meow” at you after this, you should know that they are actually communicating with you.

Cats with blue eyes are usually deaf.

Maybe, some of the cats would hear you but not really clear. So, if you see this type of cats you should to be more aware so that there will be no miscommunication happen.

Cats usually stretch their body and knead their paws when they are happy.

It shows that the cats feels comfortable and contents whenever they do that.

The life expectancy of cats is typically between 12 to 15 years.

Cats are getting older faster than human beings. Therefore, if you happen to see cats around the campus, feed and treat them, kindly and gently because cats also deserve a good treat from us.***

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