MRC, Mahallah Farouq organises Bukit Kutu Expedition

By Syakir Nizam
KUALA KUBU BAHRU, 6 April 2016: Mahallah Representative Committee (MRC ) of Mahallah Farouq, IIUM, has recently organised a programme called Kutu Expedition at Bukit Kutu in Kuala Kubu Bahru, Selangor, with an objective to create bonding between the MRC and the residents.

This programme held on 3 April started at 6.50 a.m and finished at 8.00 p.m. It was participated by 34 students including local and international residences of Al Farouq.

The programme manager, Mohd Faizuddin Mohammad Husni, said, “The objective of this programme is to create the bonding between MRC and the residents of Mahallah Farouq and we also wanted to experience the beauties of Allah’s natural creation so we can learn how to feel blessed with the bounties and gift from Him.”

“We can also introduce the beauty of Malaysia’s rainforest to the international residents in our mahallah,” Faizuddin, who is an engineering student, added.

One of the participants, Khairuz Zaadi, 20, said, “It was a restless experience, yet the exhaustion just vanished upon seeing the beautiful scenery at the peak.”

He added, “Although we need to go through many obstacles to reach to the peak, with the spirit of teamwork, we managed to get over the challenges and I am very satisfied with it.”

Bukit Kutu is a mountain located near Kuala Kubu Bahru, with the highest point at 1053 metres. Bukit Kutu also has an unrevealed history of the abandoned British bungalow found at the mountain peak.***

photo credited to MRC Farouq

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