Enhancing communication skills in English for Daya Bersih workers

By Raja Umi Nurshahirah Raja Izzuddin

GOMBAK, 2 April 2016: An English lesson for 35 workers of Daya Bersih Sdn Bhd has been carried out this morning with an objective to enhance their English communication skills in interacting with foreigners in their daily work in the university campus.

This yearly event has been conducted by the IIUM EDUCARE and organised by Teaching English As Second Language (TESL). The recent event was held on Friday (1 April), at Edu LR18B, Educational Building, starting from 11.00 a.m and finishing at 1.00 p.m.

The programme mainly focused on communication skills between the workers and non-Malaysians which include foreign students and lecturers who are not fluent in Malay.

There were two sessions during the events, the first being a slide show session. During this session, TESL students showed them slides that contained greeting words and some phrases that they can use in any situation they encounter. Another one is an acted out sessions where they need to act in some situations. This is to make sure workers understand better which words they can use if they encounter foreigners in their daily work.

“We choose to do this programme to make all workers of Daya Bersih conversant to communicate with IIUM community members. After all, last year, we received good response from them and they requested to have this kind of event again. That is because we helped them to improve their communication skills in English,” said Bersih’s Programme Manager, Awatif Abdul Razak @ Mohammed.

She added, “Foreigners usually approach the workers first especially to ask for the direction in campus. So, that’s why this kind of event is useful for them.”

Aside from that, IIUM is the place where its community speaks English entirely. Such a programme is considered a must event for the community in this campus especially for the workers.***


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