TV shut down in IIUM library due to budget cut

By Zhe Peng

GOMBAK, 17 March 2016: The television in the reading area of the IIUM library has been shut down due to the cut in the budget of the university, according to the library source.

The allocation given to the television channel subscription has been spent on other matters. The shut down was as a result of shortage of IIUM budget, it was learnt.

The reading area in the library has always been a place where students sit down and watch world news after coming from their respective classes. It does not only function as a information delivery area but also to give those who just started learning English a chance to practice their listening as well as reading skills.

There are fewer number of students who like to sit in that area since the shut down of the television. Some students think that there is no benefit for them to sit in that area, because they can easily read newspapers elsewhere or outside the library, and the only motivation for them to sit down there is to watch the international news as well as practicing their English.

The whole area including both male and female side has been a quiet area for a long time.***


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