PC Fair: Last minute buying at discounted price

By Yasmin Latif

GOMBAK, 10 March 2016: The last day of PC Fair held at Main Hall, CAC, was still flooded with majority of IIUM students compared with previous days. Many of the students do not want to miss the opportunity to get items sold there because it’s a good place to spend their book vouchers without having to leave campus. Many students were satisfied and supportive of the PC Fair.

Saqirah Mat Isa, a Human Science student said, “When my friend told me that today is the last day of PC Fair, I quickly rushed there to look for what I can buy. There are a number of booths that sell many kinds of things like books, IT accessories and there are also clothes and shawl. I managed to use my voucher to buy several books and I bought a few shawls at discounted price as well.” The PC Fair held in university campus offered good facilitates for students to buy their needs. It is convenient for them because it can save their time and money besides there were also many choices available. Fatini Hajida, a communication student said, “I am interested in the PC Fair because there are several things sold like the IT accessories, not just clothes and cosmetics. For me, the qualities and price are just comparable with products from outside and this has really helped me since I do not have to go out.”

One of the traders who identified herself as Emma said, “I came to IIUM several times to do business; usually students like to shop during the last day and even on the last day, I will always make sure that my products still have good stock so that students can still have many choices.” “The response from customers for this Fair is also encouraging. It can be seen that there are a number of new vendors compared to last year so I will not miss the opportunity to come IIUM campus. “I hope this event will be held again in the future, plus there will be more products and choices for customers to decide,” Emma added.

The PC Fair ended around 7 p.m and but business went on because they still have customers to attend to.***

Photo Credited to website and multimedia team of IIUMFM

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