IIUM MISI Club’s mass gathering to tighten bonds

By Muhammad Basir Roslan

GOMBAK, 10 March 2016: More than 100 new and old members of IIUM MISI Club met at Econs LT 2  yesterday for their Mass Gathering under the theme ‘Bond Of Love, Link Us Together’ to tighten the bond of friendship between them attended by their advisor, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Awang Hasmadi Awang Mois.

“The programmes conducted for this event are the introduction of history for this club by the President, Ridzuanshah Bahdishah, introducing the new lineup for 2015/2016 tenure, and a presentation of programmes planned for this semester by every bureau and acoustic performance at the end of the event,” Programme Manager, Rhiezan Jalil said.

IIUM MISI Club is one of outreach-based  clubs under University Centre for Community Engagement (UCCE) and their programmes are targeting to help villages in Sabah and Sarawak, especially to preach Islam, and most of the members of this club come from these two states.

“We always hope that members who join our club realise that we are needed to help peoples at Sabah and Sarawak because it is our responsibility as well as we hope that the programmes planned ahead will build their empathy to help others,” he added.

The programmes that will be conducted for this semester are Outreach to Sungai Resit (SURE) 1.0 at Sarawak, Outreach to Pahu Himbaan (OPAH) 3.0 and also English Da’wah Camp (EDC) 1.0 and both will be held in Sabah.

“We are in positive rail to welcome the call by UCCE to give more birth to volunteers who are willing to sacrifice themselves to help the people of Sabah and Sarawak and we hope that all members will always be loyal to this club,” said Muhammad Nabil Fikri Nasarudin who is the Club’s Vice President 1.***

Photos credited to Lukman Hakim Bin Mohd Salleh.


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