An outdoor session that brings a sense of affection and togetherness

By Ajwad Amal

KUALA LUMPUR, 29 February 2016 – It’s only a seven-hour hangout for an out-door news training last Friday (26 February) but many in the team could sense the affection and feeling of togetherness among them in IIUMToday.

The Public Relations team headed by Azreen Azirinee Azizi has organised this event which was participated by 19 students, under the supervision of lecturer and trainer, Roslan Ali. It was aimed to expose the reporters to the surrounding and to train them to be sensitive to the external environment.

The outing was also intended for group bonding among IIUMToday editorial team, to have a sense of team work, and to bridge the gap between the junior and the senior reporters.

The programme started with an ice breaking session by pairing the junior reporters and the senior reporters to complete a designated task.

The reporters were also instructed to look for interesting happenings around KLCC so that they could report and write stories for their campus bulletin, including conducting interviews with tourists and the locals.

The level of enthusiasm among the reporters, especially the junior ones, was really high. Indeed, they were in high spirit. The reporters took the time to approach a number of people from various walks of life and backgrounds to try and scoop for stories.

The reporters were pleased to have a sudden encounter with former Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, during the EHIME Fair conducted at Suria KLCC, and they had a chance to record his voice on their smart phones.

As assessment was carried out at the end of the programme to evaluate their achievement during the half a day training session which they had been through.

Several reporters expressed satisfaction that the programme went on smoothly and was fruitful in the sense of bringing together members of the IIUMToday team for a bonding session, as well as getting them the necessary exposure to the external environment.***



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