ISLEG 2.0 workshop for student leaders to prepare for ISLA

By Muhammad Basir Roslan

GOMBAK, 13 February 2016: More than half of 144 student leaders from registered clubs and societies in IIUM together with Student Representative Council (SRC), Mahallah Representative Council (MRC) and Kulliyah-based Society (KBS) attended IIUM Student Leaders Gathering 2.0 (ISLEG 2.0) held at Senate Hall from 9 a.m to 5 p.m yesterday.

“This gathering was more focused on giving workshops for all student leaders from these clubs and societies together on the preparation for the upcoming IIUM Student Leaders Assembly or ISLA. The workshop was also to expose them with the running order of the assembly and how student parliament should be conducted in a proper manner,” said Mohamed Syarifuddin Mohd Sofian. 22, who is the Secretary General of SRC IIUM 15/16.

He also said that the other objective of ISLEG 2.0 was to appoint Speaker, Deputy Speaker and Secretary for the upcoming ISLA. They are Ahmad Hafizuddin Manjur Ahmad (President of Lawsoc IIUM) as Speaker, Abdul Muizz Awang Marusin (Representative from Mahallah As-Siddiq) as Deputy Speaker and Muhammad Syarifuddin Mohamed Sofian as Secretary.

“To be brief, ISLA is the proper platform to bring students concerned collectively on many issues such as security, financial assistance and others so that we as student leaders will always be aware and on guard for students’ welfare,” Mohamed Syarifuddin added.

There was also a session held with Deputy Rector (Student Affairs), Prof. Datuk Dr. Mizan Hitam, as most of them are newly elected student leaders for their respective organisations during the tenure.***

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