Charity dinner by Communication students in aid of National Kidney Foundation


By Nur Najmi Jamal

GOMBAK, 14 December 2015: Communication Practicum Class held a charity dinner last Saturday (12 December) with a noble intention – to raise funds for the National Kidney Foundation (NKF).

Attended by some 100 students including those from other departments under the Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences together with lecturers, the charity dinner took place at HS Square.

The dinner was also held to celebrate communication students on being in their final semester this year and would be graduating soon. It was sponsored by the Chinese Islamic Cuisine (CIC).

Among others, the programmes of the charity dinner included a performance on poetry reciting, beat box and live band by the students themselves. Not only that, the audiences were also entertained with lucky draw and received a power-bank each as their door gift.

This event had brought a lot of satisfaction to the Practicum students since they were able to do their bit for the sufferings.

“This might be our last chance to organise the dinner in the university as we are graduating soon. Thank you Sir Harmi for supporting our programme,” Najdah Hamzah, one the organising committee members, said in thanking their lecturer for supervising them and in making sure of the success of the event.

The class had targeted to raise RM5,000 from the charity dinner and another RM4,000 through the sale of merchandise such as bags, umbrellas and wristbands. This fund will still remain open until the end of the semester and the campus community are welcome to give their donations.

NKF is a non-profit organisation in support of those facing problems with kidney failure. It provides medical care and supports for kidney patients. Its collaborative effort with the IIUM students is part of a campaign to raise public awareness and collect funds for the organisation.***

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