CiTRA stages ‘Getaran Jiwa’, a rendition of P. Ramlee’s life

By Hamka Rosli

GOMBAK, 11 December 2015: By upholding the name of Tan Sri P. Ramlee, the legend of our country for its artistic talent, The Centre for International Islamic Culture (CiTRA) successfully performed Getaran Jiwa, a theatre rendition by IIUM students.

This theatre performance is an adaptation of P. Ramlee’s real life event. Getaran Jiwa is different from other theatres ever produced in IIUM because it is an experimental musical theatre accompanied by an orchestra from Ensemble Mutiara.

More than a thousand audiences were present to see the play at the Cultural Activity Centre (CAC). The 90-minute theatre was also watched by students from other universities and celebrities such as Radhi Khalid, Suhaimi Sulaiman and others who came to enjoy the performance.

Almost 200 students were involved with the theatre production of Getaran Jiwa, as they served as production crew to make the theatre happened.

With the theme based on the songs of Tan Sri P. Ramlee, Getaran Jiwa was able to touch the heart of every audience alongside its main story-line that uplifted the artistic legacy left by the popular actor.

The entire plot was directly to set forth the issue of depression faced by P. Ramlee due to hardship he faced in life. Without realising, the main reason of his depression came from the society as well as people around him that gave negative reactions towards the issue that he had faced. This issue could be a reminder for the audiences to not take it lightly as it might harm someone’s life.

Both the main actor and actress of Getaran Jiwa played their role without a hitch. The audiences gave an applause for every scene that was played.

The theatre was directed by two creative talents from IIIUM, Mohd Saufi Sulaiman and Shaiful Azwin Adam. Even though they are still young they managed to produce real artistic piece of work.

“Alhamdulliah, everything went on smoothly after a year we planned for this theatre to happen. I felt very happy and overwhelmed for tonight’s performance,” said Mohd Saufi, a final year Psychology-major student. Also the president of Film and Creative Production Club (FCPC), he said, the theatre performance is one of his biggest achievements so far.

Getaran Jiwa is an experimental theatre organised by CiTRA with the collaboration of Perpustakaan P. Ramlee (P. Ramlee Gallery) and Nafastari Dance Studio. ***

Photos of Ain Ayunni & Izzat Razi


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