‘Join the movement to increase awareness on recycle’

By Firdaus Roslan

GOMBAK, 8 November 2015- ‘Join the movement and save the earth’. This has been the tagline for recycle project to increase campus awareness on solid waste management conducted under a group class project led by Muhammad Sufi Hamzah, the project’s programme manager. Their instructor was Dr. Rizalawati Ismail, their class lecturer.

The event took place at HS square which started at 8.00 a.m. and lasted until 5.00 p.m. on 3 December. Sufi and his team started their promotional campaign by giving out stickers to the students who visited the exhibition. Apart from that, they also used the social media to spread the news through #JOINTHEMOVEMENT on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Amazingly Sufi and his classmates managed to make the project successful with no funding at all from the university. They tried to ask for donation from Jabatan Alam Sekitar (Department of Environment) but they got nothing. After that they took the initiative all by themselves to sell food in IIUM to increase their income to start their project.

The exhibition was filled with decoration stuffs all of which were made of recycled materials that Sufi and his 25 classmates created within three weeks before the event.

Sufi said, “The most challenging part in the recycle project was the decoration items for the exhibits which we managed to do within a short period.”

“The recycling materials consisted of bottle, tin and glass. We collected these waste items from around IIUM campus.”

The recycle project had greatly impressed the students who visited their exhibition booth because it was filled with beautiful items. Megat Syamil, a third year student was surprised with all the decorations. He said he was aware that recycle was important because we could build something from nothing or turn them into something useful.

So, he said, everyone should be conscious of the recycle process which can be useful if we are really creative.***


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