It’s just like a family being part of Amigos

By Siti Khadijah Khalilah

Always showed up with many crew during theatre show, everyone knows that must be Amigos Production. The casts never fail to bring laughter to the audience. The comedy genre brought by them really grabbed the attention every time they performed with the stories likely to happen or a reflective of our society. Yet, the play always come out with full lesson and advice. Behind the victory perhaps not many people know what kind of journey they have been through.

Amigos Production is just a rebranding theatre production. Before this triumph, they were known as Wami Theatre Club. Ahmad Fazil, also known as Angah, was the mastermind of this production. Majoring in Engineering for his masters degree didn’t deter Angah from setting up this theatre production. Starting all the way from the bottom, Angah and his group made their first debut, and it was a musical theatre show. Something that they were very proud of.

“Sedar” was the name of their first musical theatre. It was held at University Teknologi Petronas (UTP), Tronoh during 2011. The show had many famous theatre casts from IIUM, and one of them was Ramis, an IIUM student majoring in Communication. One year had passed, Angah had moved to UTP to do his PhD. Those who are left were his friends and team mates in Wami Theatre Club. These six best friends, Khai, Halim, Syahira, Fatin, Husni and Hasnul Hadi continued the legacy to make sure the hard work they started was not going to be wasted.

After almost two years working underground with Wami Theatre Club, they decided to change. It was because some people misunderstood that they were the other Wami International Club out there. So, after the discussions, they decided to rebrand their club. Angah is the one who came out with the Amigos. After that, they sticked to the name until now.

‘Amigos’ means friend in Spanish. Started with just a few friends, they are now like a big family. “I joined this club since Wami and I stay on until now because Amigos is like a family to me,” said Hasnul Hadi, the vice president of Amigos Production, who is also one of the former members of the club.

Last few weeks they performed a “Good Night” show, organised by English Theatre Show (ETS) and it was amazing. Not just that, I got to hear some from the stage manager of the night, Maisarah Razlin, about how she felt about the production. “I am being part of this family the moment after they changed to Amigos, I was born with Amigos! It started when my friends asked me if I’m interested to join. So I think, why not I give it a shot?”

So, people are wondering how an underground theatre club can be as famous as other clubs just in a blink. After the rebranding, they came out with new idea, fresher and they wanted something that people could enjoy when they watch theatre show. So, they came out with a little bit of comedy genre.

With so many assignments, quizzes and examination, it is not wrong to treat yourself with something light, fun and release some stress. Amigos comes with the idea that people can easily understand what they are trying to show, yet still meaningful. Unlike other theatre club, not to mention, but they sometimes go too deep about the storyline that sometimes people can’t catch what they are trying to express.

Moreover, Amigos Production is still keeping in touch with the members so they can mentally and physically prepare about the upcoming events. Their past events have given so much good reputation for them. Before this, they performed at Nusantara Theatre Week they brought something new, a story named “Tiga”. Since that show, people started to recognise them as a theatre club. With this opportunity and belief from others, they will try their best to make things right and smooth.

When talking about a club, there must be something special about it. Let’s talk about what is so special about Amigos Production. We all know they have so many crew behind the scene to make sure every show a success. Some productions just have 10 to 12 crew to do all the work. But in Amigos, they have like 30 crew to handle the show. They love to play with the props to make things extraordinary and they can get a new friend or maybe a soul mate. This is basically from what I see every time I go to theatre in IIUM and that make them special.

Having a family like Amigos will make you feel so good about yourself. They do not put boundary between the cast and the crew. “Every single person in this club is important. Without the crew, the show will not go on, without the substitute, the show will be stuck. We Amigos work like a family, no one will feel left out because a family member doesn’t do that to one another,” said Nur Fathiah Azian, who was the director during the ETS night.

Moreover, during the audition, they are so nice to the newbies. The senior never look down on the junior and people who would like to try can give a shot and show their talent. “

“They really appreciate my talent and also me as a new member. I felt so comfortable being around them. And I surely will join it again,” said Nona Ili Ilanie, one of the newbies and already given a role.

“Other than that, if you are a crew, doesn’t mean you can’t try to hit the role and be the cast. Maybe the time will come. That is why everyone is treated equally because maybe you be a crew for this show and cast for the other.”

Something to ponder, where and how they get the fund to survive. The wardrobe and all the props cost lots of money.

“We collect funds from among members and save it in our bank so that we can use it when we need it,” said Fathiah.

Theatre is fun if you really love doing it. But by just watching that, it makes you feel happy about it. Never underestimate the power of art, and love your friends just like your family members.***

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