Non-Muslim orphans, among those at Caring Art Attack programme

By Atiqah Ismail

GOMBAK, 21 November 2015: A non-Muslim orphanage, Ambu Ilam, was among 10 orphanages participating in Sayang Sentuhan Anak Yatim programme called Caring Art Attack held at Female Sports Complex, IIUM yesterday.

A total of 113 orphans from orphanages such as Hasanah and Permata Hatiku were involved in the programme.

Fellow of Ambu Ilam orphanage, Vijaya said, “As a fellow, we teach the orphans to be discipline in life since they have family problems, so we carry out this responsibility to ensure they be good and do good.’’

Ambu Ilam is the only non-Muslim orphanage that was involved in this Caring Art Attack. Vijaya shared the meaning of Ambu Ilam which she said means Love House.

Programme Coordinator, Nasuha Naaim, 21, said the objective of conducting this kind of art programme is to expose the orphans to art-based activities to enhance communication between caring clubs and the orphanages, which are directly under Sayang Sentuhan Anak Yatim Caring.

Nasuha explained that this time the programme was rather different because they have invited the non-Muslim orphanages to be part of their family.

Three main activities were organised to enhance the orphans’ creativity and imagination. They were tie dye, bookmark and card making and cup cake decoration.

According to Nasuha, the orphans enjoyed the activities very much and they learnt a lot from the event.

One of the orphans, Hafiz, 13, from Kasih Nur Hasanah orphanage shared his experience. He said, “I learned about art throughout these activities and I got to know many friends from various orphanages.”

“Being students we have our responsibility to serve the society by contributing our ideas and energy towards the well-beings of  the orphans,” Nasuha added.***

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