AIKOL Fest uses creativity to spread words of ‘dakwah’

By Hafiz Asnawi

GOMBAK, 19 November 2015: The Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Law Festival (AIKOL Fest) opens a competition allowing students to use their creativity to express and spread the words of dakwah.

The event held at the Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Law (AIKOL) was organised by Law Students’ Society which started on 15 November and lasted until 20 November from 9.00a.m to 5.00p.m. The event is open every semester.

Every entry made will be posted at the Street Art Exhibition under AIKOL Fest. There are 37 entries available now to be voted by the students to choose the winners. Using voting system the exhibition will decide the winners of competition. The results will be announced at the Annual Dinner of Law and Society Club which will be held next week.

There are four themes for Street Art Exhibition: Qurban (sacrifice), Taharah (cleanliness), Humanity and Colours. All entries must follow the four themes or any one of them. There are five types of entries which are photograph, poem, drawing, comic and doodle. If the entries do not follow stated rules the entries will be considered void.

“Our target is not only students from AIKOL but from all Kulliyahs to help spread the dakwah creativity and the joy of Islam,” said the event’s Programme Manager, Nik Ahmad Burhan.***



Hafiz Asnawi

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