‘Khat’ and calligraphy helps Danish memorise Al-Quran


By Atiqah Ismail

KUALA LUMPUR, 11 November 2015: “My journey started while I was in standard one when I met my Arabic teacher who asked me to write the name of our beloved Prophet SAW in Arabic on computer. After that the teacher told me I have the potential to go far in khat and calligraphy. To the extent I furthered my study and I realised there are still many types of khat that I never know before.”

Ahmad Danish Amzar, 10, from Ampang shared his passion on khat and calligraphy  during a sharing moment organised by Islamic Exhibition of Convocation Fiesta 2015 in collaboration with Maaruf Club and Usrah Buskers today.

Danish shared on how he managed to study khat and calligraphy. According to him, he started to learn khat with his Arabic teacher and also by searching in Google and Facebook to explore more on the works of international khat and calligraphy such as by Fadhil Sulaiman, Mujahid and Fathi Rosli.

He said his teacher encouraged him to further his study on khat because ‘if you lose it, your soul won’t be alive’.

The sharing moment was interspersed with beautiful songs from Usrah Buskers. The guitarists played their songs and music complementing the soul of Danish during that moment. Besides that, the moderator, Majdi, asked Danish the advantages of khat and calligraphy.

Then, he said, “Firstly khat is one heritage and relic of Islam and it already emerged during the time of Uthmaniyyah; secondly it helps us in memorising Al-Quran while you keep writing the same ayat. Khat can also be one of our hobbies.”

Danish continued his sharing moment pertaining to the acceptance of his family and friends with his passion.

“My parents and grandfather always support and encourage me to polish up my skills. My friends were somehow amazed with my khat writing and they asked me to teach them.”

Danish looked so happy.

Danish’s mother, Siti Nafisah, said, “Since Danish was a child, he already showed his passion towards khat and calligrapy. As a parent, I give my support and encourage him according to his interest.”

“Danish also had the experience of joining a competition at school during Independence Day celebration. From that, I realised Danish has great potential in khat and calligraphy.  Being parents, after we knew our children have a good ambition, we should support them in every single way,” said Nafisah, her eyes shining, and deep down she was proud having Danish as a son.

Danish said: “I hope everyone takes interest to learn khat because it’s in Jawi writing which has been given to us as Muslims. My hope is to see the signages and signboards along the road later be changed to Jawi writing.” ***



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