Of fashion, make-up and appearing presentable in campus

By Noreen Nor Bak Hashim

“It is common for IIUM students to look beautiful and presentable on the first one or two weeks of the new semester, but then in later weeks, especially towards the end of the semester, they look horrible.” This seems to be the perception based on my observation during the last two years of my study in this university.

I am very sure the above statement on how we look fit the description on how terrible we present ourselves as IIUM students. Is it because we don’t put makeup on our face? No nice dress to wear? Honestly, I have heard about this feeling of uneasiness often among female students. Yes, I did. Why do I say so? This is because I am one of those who look very bad during the first and second year in this university.

I made this observation when students attended classes, especially after the third week of the semester. They do not look fresh and presentable.

Personally, my own definition of beauty is someone looking fresh with full enthusiasm. It is not about how flawless the skin she has but the way she presents herself is very important.

‘Women and beauty cannot be separated’. Does it make sense? Yes, it does. This is what you will apply at work place in the future. So, please do not ignore what I mean. There are several reasons for looking pretty and presentable when attending classes:

  1. It will make us feel confident.
  2. It is to make students and lecturers feel comfortable with us.
  3. It is to gain trust from other students and lecturers.

Youth in their 20s are easily exposed to beauty products like cosmetics and fashion. However, they should find one that is suitable. In the digital age, youth can have access to the Internet easily and immediately. They can search and find whatever they want at any time and at any place. It can be proven from the research by Wan Norina Wan Hamat, Zaharah Hussin, Ahmad Fakrudin Mohamed Yusoff and Ahmad Arifin Sapar (2013).

Their research indicates that 125 from a total of 397 polytechnic students surf the Internet for purpose of relaxing (p.21). The result also illustrates that majority of the students surf the Internet for entertainment with means 4.02 (p.22). Furthermore, the respondents agreed that they do not prefer current fashions and trends without complying to Syari’ah because they are more comfortable with loose dress and they will make sure that the dress they wear cover their aurah (p.23).

This research proves that female students are ‘crazy’ about fashion and cosmetic, but still they choose what they want to wear. Related with the advancement of technology, students are aware how important their physical appearance is when attending classes because they have already surveyed the suitable fashions for them. But they are aware they should not overly dress.

Moreover, applying cosmetics when coming to classes is allowed but you have to remember that excessive makeup will distract you and others.

I share with you why your studies and others’ as well would be distracted. This is because you will take time to put your makeup yourself, you will be wasting your time and consequently will be late to your classes. Others will be disturbed with your overly makeup because their focus will not be on the lectures but on you. So, will these help you to improve your studies? Think about it.

This article will provide you with some tips on how you can get beautiful skin and hair through traditional way to help you appear presentable in class. Being beautiful through traditional way refers to natural beauty. It means applying natural treatment (without any chemical mixed) on your body by using kind of fruits and herbs.

First thing, female students in IIUM are wearing hijab every day. You cover your hair in the morning until night. Sometimes you do not have enough time to care and treat your hair everyday because normally you are very busy with your classes and assignments. Direct and indirect daily activities turn you off from treating your hair. The easy way for you to treat your hair is applying olive oil on your head skin. It will help you reduce hair loss. You can also use lime in order to remove dandruff on your head skin. Besides, it is aromatic which will comfort you although you wear hijab for a long day.

Nevertheless, applying cosmetics on your face is not wrong as long as you do not apply them too much. However, skin and facial treatment naturally will avoid you from applying too much cosmetics or rather wasting your money on products that promise you “dust”.

Fresh and cheerful faces are needed rather than putting up lifeless faces. Therefore, you should get enough sleep at night, drink plenty of water and smile always. It will help you look enthusiastic and nice. If you have facial acne, you can remove it slowly by using cinnamon. How to apply it? You have to scrub it on your face two to three times a week at night. Then, wash your face after 15 minutes. When attending classes, you can apply some powder, eyeliner and lip balm only. That’s good enough. Please avoid heavy makeup.

Do not forget to eat healthy food that is not oily. Try eating vegetables and fruits as your daily diets and avoid taking capsules and supplements. You also can possess beautiful shape if you practise the diet food pyramid. Besides, you will not get obesity. Remember having a beautiful face is worthless if you have diseases.

Last but not least, dress up yourself wisely to look presentable in classes. Make sure you do not wear colourful and bright clothes and scarfs (hijab). Wearing pastel colour is better when attending classes. The colour of scarf and dress must match and avoid more than three colours.

As an IIUM student, you should cover yourself and make sure it is simple and nice. You should avoid tight pants and wear suitable shoes. By doing all these, I guarantee that you will look adorable.

In a nutshell, to look beautiful, you can practise the traditional way by applying natural treatment without any chemical on your body and face and avoiding supplements. Taking good diets and practising fitness will help you get a good shape. Choose your wardrobe wisely and avoid heavy makeup on your face to appear presentable.***

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