Know expectations and realities, future graduates told

By Norhaspin Ajib

GOMBAK, 12 November 2015: IIUM graduates are supposed to have certain basic knowledge in terms of both expectations and realities, Deputy Rector (Student Affairs), Prof. Datuk Dr. Mizan Hitam said recently at the inauguration of CONVEST ’15 in conjunction with this year’s 31st Convocation.

He said studying in university is similar to a process in computer that is, “if we want the right output we need to put in the right input.”

“Later on, the output becomes outcome. So graduates represent output and their characters are considered outcome.”

He added that the programme like CONVEST is a learning process for the students because it teaches them how to organise, to follow certain protocols and to learn to respect others. Students should also learn to absorb pressures when faced with challenges so that when they graduate they would know how to handle the situation.

To make the event a success students should follow certain guidelines, be realistic and remain calm at all time. Dr. Mizan expressed the hope that there should not be any controversy in organising this programme.

Meanwhile, in conjunction with the inauguration of  CONVEST ’15, a forum under the theme “Expectation vs Reality” was held featuring panelists Diana Amir, Ustaz Dr. Izhar and Fikri Ahmad.

Diana Amir, an artiste and former IIUM student, gave her advice for future graduates to think wisely before taking any decision. She said “making decision is important because it will impact the whole life of their future.” She added that students should learn to give benefits to others. “That should be their priority in seeking knowledge.”

Diana gave her tips on attire and fashion which she said should follow the Syariah. She stressed on covering the aurah for women.

Diana also said covering the aurah by following the Sunnah is easy and comfortable so that “we become more confident in our role to achieve success in academic field and in building good characters.”

As a former member of IIUM Student Representative Council (SRC), Fikri Ahmad did not snare those who are in love or marriage. But he said, “wild love will lead to problem and could affect your focus.”

“Students should have a vision and make life mapping in terms of academic, co-curriculum, character, including soul mate.”

“In the university, we must go beyond boundary, and not limit yourself to certain disability, knowing that the aim in life should be to work for it,” Fikri said.

Dr. Mohd Izhar Ariff, a lecturer from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia, discussed the real role of students. To become successful, he said, “we must have a vision.”

“Of course we must have the knowledge but most important thing we must have focus.” Dr. Izhar said he remembered his teacher once told him “not be lazy to learn.”

“What students need to do during university life is to develop their soft skills by joining events held by the university or orgainsed by clubs and associations. They are important to convince future employees when they attend job interviews.”

Fikri Ahmad, meanwhile, invited students to change to ‘global mentality’ and be a global citizen.

“The characteristic of a global citizen for a student must be inclusive. We must understand that in this world we are not alone. There are so many schools of thought. We cannot limit our thought to one, we have to be open minded. Students should encourage diversity.”

In addition, Fikri said, graduates should prepare their minds to face the economic challenges.

“In reality graduates today when they get a job, the tendency is to spend their money on expensive cars, renting a good house and paying for higher services cost; these are the things for them to think wisely upon graduation. Graduates should plan their economy and save money. Think how to be successful in the world and hereafter.”

“Students must know how to divide the time between study and attending event. They should strike a balance between academic and club. That’s why planning is vital to differentiate between priorities and necessities. Your priorities, however, should be academic,” Fikri added.***


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