A good deed goes a long way

By Ahmed Wafi

GOMBAK, 20 October 2015: In recent weeks, a small organisation among students, known simply as ‘The Team’, has done a good deed by leaving food around the IIUM campus at different locations meant for those facing financial difficulties.

This has been their work ever since last semester. The foods that they have left at the different hotspots were not just simple finger foods and snacks but included nasi goreng and nasi ayam.

This project that they have been doing is a noble one and what’s even more admirable about them is that they choose to remain anonymous.

A post on IIUM Online by Nurul Hidayah Adnan has listed the locations in which the free food is accessible. In fact, all or nearly all hostels will have the free food available.

“The Team” accepts donations in the form of foodstuff by simply placing them in the boxes provided.

For any inquiries or donations, readers can contact Haris Azhari Lotfi at 0195119392. ***

Photo of The Team

Ahmed Wafi

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