SRC15/16 new line-up with new spirits and ideas

By Atiqah Ismail

GOMBAK, 1 October 2015: The newly elected President of SRC 15/16, Aiman Azahan, promised that his idea for the current tenure is to ensure the SRC is not only concerned with students’ welfare but also to function as an agent of change for the ummah.

Aiman said he would strive to give an equal opportunity in a sense of inclusiveness and ensure the vision and mission of SRC fulfil the ultimate goal of IIUM, that is, the TRIPLE ICE (Integration, Islamization, Internalization, and Comprehensive Excellent).

“The SRC 15/16 is currently sorting out all the manifestos of the SRC members to turn them into one tenure almanac and for the baiah session with the Rector soon,” Aiman emphasised.

The first shura of SRC 15/16 has taken place with the election of five office bearers on 23 September. A second shura was held on 28 September among SRC members to elect the new Executive Council line-up.

The Vice President (Local) of SRC 15/16, Amnah Dunya, expressed concerns on the concept of unity in diversity which the students, regardless of local or international, were supposed to live together as one ummah.

The Chairperson of Academic and Intellectual of SRC 15/16, Hafizudin Yahaya, stated that since this is his second term as an SRC member, he would bring in new concept of intellectual discourse by having more cooperation with clubs and societies in IIUM.

In this way, it would make the SRC more transparent to the students by providing information on SRC programmes earlier to avoid any confusion on approval of SRC events soon, according to Hafizudin.

The full line-up of the new Exco for SRC 15/16 is as follow:


Muhammad Aiman bin Azahan

Vice President :

Nur Amnah bt Duniya

Vice President (International) :

Benazzi Hamza

Secretary General :

Muhammad Syarifudin bin Mohamed Sofian

Assistant Secretary I: Nur Diyana Najwa bt Mohd Affendi

Assistant Secretary II: Tuan Noor Amyrah bt Tuan Mustaffa

Treasurer: Siti Mahfuzah Mardy

Welfare :

Abdullah Mohd (Chairperson)

Siti Hajar bt Mohamed Azahari

Aminah Haji

Spiritual & Islamisation:

Muhammad Amiruddin bin Amran(Chairperson)

Fatin Nabielah Saifuddin

Academic & Intellectual:

Mohd Hafizudin bin Mohd Yahaya (Chairperson)

Mohammad Zarif bin Mohd Zahari

International Affairs:

Nasra C. Musa (Chairperson)

Ahdyat Zain Athoillah

Public Relation:

Ulya Aqamah bin Husamudin (Chairperson)

Farah Nabilah bt Abdul Rahman

Ali Ahmed

Sports & Culture:

Muhamad Anwar bin Rahmat (Chairperson)

Mohammad Fikri bin Mohammad Nawawi

Information & Multimedia:

Ismail bin Johari (Chairperson)

Mohammad Fahmi bin Ahmad Kashfi

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