Celebrate diversity with Grand SOCA Fair 2015

By Maryam Spahic

GOMBAK, 4 October 2015: The Grand SOCA Fair 2015, organised by the Secretariat of Sociology and Anthropology (SOCASA) will be held from 5 to 7 October 2015 in HS Square.

The three-day fair, with the theme “Celebrating Diversity” will showcase snippets of various cultures from around the globe in many exciting events such as traditional dances and cultural fashion show.

The opening ceremony will be held on Monday (5 October) noon; several Malay traditional dances and the caklempong awaits the audience.

An exciting Cultural Attire Fashion Show will be held on Tuesday (6 October) noon along with martial arts performances.

More martial arts performances will be held on the third day of the fair, followed by a special performances by the Rohingya Community School and acoustic performances.

SOCA exhibition is available to the public all day throughout the fair.

All IIUM students and staffs are cordially invited to brighten up the Grand SOCA Fair 2015.***

Maryam Spahic

Bosnian-Malay Mass Communication student. maryamspahic@yahoo.com

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