Visa renewal delays a concern among IIUM international students

By Izzud deen Redzuan

GOMBAK, 21 September 2015: Foreign students in Malaysia had to face delays in renewal and extension of their visas at the Immigration Office, and the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) is no exception.

Some said their passports were withheld for months while others claimed the delay had caused them to stay here in campus even during Eid Fitr and the short semester break.

Foreign students also raised concerns regarding the poor services given by the Immigration Office in handling the visa, whereby only 60 requests will be entertained by the Office per day.

In fact, many foreign students started to crowd and queue in front of the Office the night before to get their visas renewed.

This September semester, there is a major decrease in terms of the intake of International students unlike the previous year, respectively 60 and 248 in 2014.

Human Sciences student, Awla for example, submitted his passport to the university in May and finally got it back this September.

“My passport went missing during the process but was later found in the department. I’m disappointed with the services provided by the Immigration Office. My suggestion is that the Office should extend the office hours a bit longer to entertain more students per day with a proper ticketing system.”

Another student who wanted to be known as Abdullah said: “I feel insecure without my passport for months, especially when I am outside of the campus.”

“I could be detained by the Malaysia’s Immigration Department for not having a legal document and even used my medical insurance when it’s required,” he added.

A 21-year old student, Bukhara said, “We are unable to travel without our passports. Imagine if any emergency were to happen to our family members and relatives back home.”

Yesterday, the Immigration Office has introduced a new system to smoothen the process, which was endorsed by The Office of the Deputy Rector (Internationalisation).***

Photos of Charaf Tam, Anisza Nazar, Baba Salam, & Reza Ranjar

Izzud deen Redzuan

Former Managing Editor at IIUMToday, 2014 until 2016, and as the Corporate Communications at PETRONAS, 2017. Currently, served as the Airport Operations & Admin at Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad.

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47 thoughts on “Visa renewal delays a concern among IIUM international students

  1. Is there any statement from the top management in handling this issue? what is the root of the problem? we were told that two years ago the immigration department is adopting a new system which will be much reliable and faster than before but evidences were shown unlikely true. the issue exactly is unknown to us. we only have to speak up and speculate the situation unless, which rarely happens due to iium (securities reasons) as they always say, the IIUM top management issues a statement or even a dialog with the international students to show their concerns over international students affairs … the problem was around for quite sometime .. more than 2 years but now it is being out of control. but the question is until when it will remain unsolved?

    I’m not accusing the top management in handling the issue poorly, but i’m asking for their immediate and serious action to overcome this problem. I just need to say that we have the right to know also what the problem exactly that preventing our passports from getting renewed without difficulties? otherwise we just speculate the causes and reasons and rumors would spread out and damage the reputations.

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