CiTRA offers opportunities for self-development and improving talents

Photo caption: The President of Syura, Azfar Shah, representing students under CiTRA, giving appreciation to Tan Sri Rais Yatim.

By Hamka Rosli

GOMBAK, 19 September 2015: We are not only here in IIUM for studies, but also for our self-development and improvement. CiTRA, the Islamic cultural centre for students, offers an ample space for students to advance themselves and prosper their talents.

Recently, CiTRA held an outstanding event, which was witnessed by the President of IIUM, Tan Sri Dr. Rais Yatim, and accompanied by the Rector, Prof. Dr. Zaleha Kamaruddin. IIUM students, mainly those who are involved in cultural activities, have got the flair to participate in good rendition programmes pertaining to music, cultural exhibition, as well as expression in songs. Therefore, we must not forget one iconic matter in every community and never to let go the artistic inclination of its citizens.

Through the event, it can be seen that the students’ appreciation of culture can really help nourish the cultural atmosphere in IIUM. This show how passionate the students are in expressing their talents and attentiveness in the area. Doing something that the students love is one of the ways for them to embrace themselves.

Apart from that, the students actually appreciate their contribution to the virtue of this university. It means their willingness to give attention and to involve in the elements that are closely related to our heritage, literature and arts.

Dr. Rais Yatim really thinks that through upholding our heritage, we are actually giving or contributing to the university’s virtue and also in building the nation towards advancement.

He said we may be called as Islamic university or a university of medicine and engineering or whatever, but the artistic inclination of the students and the staff should always be given attention.

Furthermore, he believes that IIUM is in a good position because of the internationalisation exposure that we have, with the Islamic trend that we possessed, and also with the Malay background we are in. This gives us a very good presentation to the public outside and the people would appreciate it in future.

“I believe and I quote what the Sultan of Pahang mentioned to me in his last visit. He said he likes to see IIUM blooms into a realistic community of students by having all sorts of artistic as well as cultural performances of the past and present, and for the future we wish for the best,” said Dr. Rais Yatim.

Through this extra activity for the students, we are actually building the community of this university with togetherness, besides having to see the talents of IIUM students on stage. This will help to flourish the climate of ukhuwah Islamiah in IIUM which brings positive vibes to our motto, the Garden of Knowledge and Virtue.

“This is what we would like to have after planting the seeds. I will therefore continue to support and give guidelines in this important field for the sake of Malaysia’s future,” Dr. Rais Yatim added.***


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