IIUM a model of university for campus election, says SUHAKAM

By Wafa Awla

GOMBAK, 18 September 2015: The Student Representative Council (SRC) election welcomed the visit of 11 delegates from the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (SUHAKAM) to observe and monitor the electoral process.

“We welcome anyone who wants to monitor the electoral process since we have nothing to hide. We are transparent. We gave them a briefing regarding the election and we gave them permission to look at the polling stations,” the chairman of the SRC election commission, Tuan Anuzi Nik Him said.

“We received good feedback from the delegation since IIUM is the only university which has allowed SUHAKAM representatives to witness the election. They said we should be a model of university for campus election for allowing them to observe the running of election,” he added.

Statistics showed the total number of students who turned out to vote is 62.29%.  The percentage of turn out has decreased by 6% compared to previous election.

“Since four constituencies have won uncontested, indirectly the number of students who turned out to vote has reduced. We also take into account other factors such as the haze and holiday. But with that number, it is still not bad,” Tuan Anuzi said.

The following is the official result of the SRC election for 2015/2016:

HS Constituency

Farah Nabilah Abdul Rahman

Mohamad Hafizuddin bin Mohamad Yahaya

AIKOL Constituency

Ulya Aqamah bin Husamudin

Muhammad Aiman bin Azhan

ENMS Constituency

Abdullah bin Mohd

Nur Diyana Najwa binti Mohd Affendi

Education Constituency

Siti Hajar binti Mohamed Azhari

Mohamad Fahmi bin Ahmad Kashfi

KLM Constituency

Nur Amnah binti Duniya

Muhamad Amiruddin bin Amran

KICT Constituency

Muhammad Anwar bin Rahmat

Ismail bin Johari

KAED Constituency

Siti Mahfuzah binti Mardy

Mohammad Zarif bin Mohd Zahari

Engineering Constituency

Muhammad Syarifuddin bin Mohamed Sofian

Tuan Noor Amyrah binti Tuan Mustaffa

IRK Constituency

Fatin Nabielah binti Saifuddin

Mohammad Fikri bin Mohammad Nawawi

International Constituency

Ali Ahmad

Aminah Haji

Ahdyat Zain

Nasra Cherotich Musa

Benazzi Hamza

The syura for the selection of the top position and executive council will be conducted next week. The baiah or oath-taking will be held after that which will be attended by the Rector.***

Photos credited to Megat Hakim

Wafa Awla

Head of features news, IIUM Today. And I love rainy days.

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