SRC Election: Candidates for Human Sciences explain their manifesto


By Ajwad Amal

GOMBAK, 16 September 2015: A manifesto debate for Human Sciences (HS) constituency, held at the HS Square yesterday involving all the five candidates standing for the Student Representative Council (SRC) election, has drawn the attention of many students from the Kulliyyah.

The five candidates standing for the Human Sciences constituency are Yusup Albakri Abd Manap, Abdul Halim Ayup, Mohamad Hafizuddin Mohamad Yahaya, Farah Nabila Abdul Rahman, and Siti Nur Atiqah Ismail.

“I believe it’s the soft skills that improve students’ credibility, but to know the ins and outs of how to get a job also increases the credibility of the student. That’s why I am fighting for internship programme,” Yusuf Albakri Abd Manap, a third year student majoring in psychology told the audience.

He also emphasised that students do not need power as an excuse to contribute for anything worth fighting.

Abdul Halim Ayub, a student majoring in English and Literature, spoke on the need for students to understand the Muslim culture in the university to bring about unity.

“Art and performance are the tools, just like the gun. The bullet is our Islamic ideology. It can be used so that we can spread what is Islamic especially to those out there who are still ignorant,” he added.

Another candidate, Mohamad Hafizuddin Mohamad Yahaya, a political science student, brought another side of the issues in his manifesto.

“I received many complaints from students who cannot graduate because they have problems with their Arabic language course. I believe HS students need greater soft skills to speak Arabic rather than understanding the grammar,” Hafizuddin said stressing the point that he proposed to call for a revision of the system towards something more efficient.

Mohamad Hafizuddin was the co-chairperson of the Academic and Intellectual Secretariat for SRC’s last tenure and he had promised to make the students space at the HS Building (The Square) as Human Sciences’ symbol for academic purpose.

“We know the damage occurred on the chairs at the HS café. The IIUM management still needs to provide the money. But if  the reason is more of bureaucratic hurdle, we will strive to be independent by trying to find sponsors together with donation drive,” said Farah Nabila Abdul Rahman, a fourth year psychology student.

Nabilah added that the idea for donation drive came about when her club managed to collect RM60,000 within three months for a waqaf project. She also explained on her niche in academic achievement which were project mentoring, HS one-stop centre, and a book festival.

Siti Nur Atiqah Ismail, a second year student majoring in mass communication, said she wanted to bridge the gap among the students regardless of whether they are local or international students.

“If we can see the unity among us, Human Sciences students, we will be very strong. The concept is to strengthen the students’ power as the students do not just belong to the university, rather to the society,” she said.

Atiqah also talked about her manifesto to promote integration and intellectualism, to improve the HS café, and to organise students’ mobility programme.

The manifesto debate was organised by an independent intellectual group named Warong collaborated with IRKHS Students’ Society (IRKHSSS) and was moderated by Hilal Azman from Warong. ***

Photos credited to Megat Hakim


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