Candidates focus more on volunteerism activities

By Wafa Awla

GOMBAK, 15 September 2015:  Volunteerism activities seem to be the popular focus of candidates from three Kuliyyah who are standing in the IIUM Student Representative Council (SRC) election, as reflected in their manifestos.

Contesting for the first time in the election, Mohammad Fahmi Ahmad Kashfi from Kuliyyah of Education (KOED), emphasised the spirit of volunteerism among students.

“There are many students who fail to get full access to education. Due to financial constraints, most of them could not afford to attend extra classes and revision books. We are going to collaborate with Teach For The Needs to get down to these people. This programme will not only help the needy students but also provides us the opportunity to gain teaching experience,” Fahmi told IIUMToday.

Volunteerism is one of the manifestos advocated by Fahmi, instead of promoting the culture of knowledge and establishing business hub at KOED compound.

Diyana Najwa, who is also a senior cadet officer for ROTU army is among the candidates standing for a seat in the Kuliyyah of Economics and Management Sciences constituency.

“It is my manifesto to initiate paradigm shift in students’ mentality to be more prepared and matured. One of the ways is to change their way of thinking and mindset to serve the society. Apart from creating such awareness, we will provide a platform to carry out the programme. This programme will involve a large number of students who will be effective,” Diyana said.

Admitting the intense competition among the candidates, she also promised to enhance the functionality of resource centre, to keep the culture of Iqra’ flourished as well as to revive a comprehensive Islamic culture.

The candidate from the Kuliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences (IRKHS), Siti Nur Atiqah Ismail, emphasised unity in differences and the spirit of volunteerism through HS Festival.

“Being Human Sciences student, we should know better than anybody else how to approach people in the right way. In my manifesto, I promised HS Festival with the concept of serving the society. This is because we do not only belong to the university but the society,” Atiqah explained.

Atiqah also believed that all her manifestos are achievable and they are close to the heart of Human Sciences students, such as in promoting academic discourse, enhancing students’ mobility programme and improving the conditions of Human Sciences café.

All students will cast their votes on 17 September simultaneously in all the Kuliyyah. ***

Photo credited to Megat Hakim

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