Hanif says Datuk Dr. Mizan’s statement is outrageous

By Wafa Awla

GOMBAK, 7 September 2015: Former President of Student Representative Council (SRC), Hanif Mahpa today slammed the statement by Prof. Datuk Dr. Mizan Hitam regarding the issue on the dissolution tenure for the IIUM SRC 2014/2015 published by IIUMToday recently.

“The allegation by Datuk Dr. Mizan that I tried to spin and so on, is rather outrageous,” Hanif said.

“The meeting that was to be held on 3 September at 4.30 p.m was only conveyed to the Council at 12.55 p.m on the same day. I was not present at that meeting because I was not at the campus as I had to send off my sister,” Hanif explained when asked about his absence from the 3 September meeting.

According to Hanif, the meeting was held to secure assurances from his Council following rumours circulating in the campus that the election for the new SRC 2015/2016 has been brought forward to 17 September 2015. 

Hanif said: “I never questioned the university’s authorities to set the election date. But I questioned why this dissolution was not discussed before this. Datuk Dr. Mizan had told the Council that the decision was not made by him alone but had been endorsed by the university’s Senate many months ago.”

“If this matter had been discussed by the Senate a few months ago, why was there no notice given to the SRC?” he asked.

Hanif also said that the constitution of SRC IIUM clearly mentioned that ‘notice of the AGM shall be made known to all members at least fourteen full days prior to the date of the AGM’.

“How else do we prepare a notice to all students if the date officially told to us was 4 September? Guided by the SRC constitution, the date of the AGM should be 18 September,” he clarified.

Meanwhile, former Secretary General of SRC, Azizul Hafiz Haron, said the Council had expected the campus election would fall on 21 October as Dr. Mizan had once told them that the election date should be 45 days after the new semester begins.

“AGM is a sign that the SRC is officially dissolved. But, Datuk Dr. Mizan said the AGM should not be done without giving us a good reason. If it is true that the date of election has been decided during the Senate meeting, there must have been records of the minutes of meeting that we can refer to. However, we were informed that the date of election has been decided by a few people only,” Azizul added.

Former Vice President, Faten Nabila Mohamad Fadhil, told IIUMToday that the reason why they were concerned of holding on to their office was because they still had many manifestos which have not been carried out yet.

“Even our biggest programme, IIUM Student Leaders Assembly, which is like a parliament which will gather the presidents from all societies and clubs under IIUM had to be cancelled,” said Faten, a fourth-year student of Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws.

“The SRC is also concerned about the welfare faced by the students during the beginning of the semester. We have received calls from the students who felt disappointed that the programme has been cancelled.”

Faten added: “Article 19 of the constitution of SRC IIUM clearly stated that the Exco and SRC shall hold the office until the next AGM. The AGM is the yardstick we begin and end our term. If we do not refer to this constitution, then it seems to us that the constitution does not exist, which means that the date can be changed any time after this.” ***


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