Book review on Architecture and Society : Lessons on Muslim Architecture from India

By IIUM Press

Title:              Architecture and Society : Some Lessons on Muslim Architecture from India

Editor:            Spahic Omer

Publisher:      IIUM Press

Price:              RM50.00

Pages:             158

Year:              2015   

This book deals with the subject of the relationship between Muslim architecture and society and how they influence each other, taking some social and historical segments of complex Indian society as a case study. The book consists of three independent studies which cover three vital aspects of Muslim architecture, especially in India:

1) Converting Hindu temples into mosques;
2) The royal funerary architecture of the Mughals;
3) The social significance of Mr. Nazeer Khan’s architecture.

The book aims to reflect on the three mentioned aspects, emphasizing in the process some notable at once spiritual and social qualities of Muslim architecture in general and in India in particular. The lessons expounded in the book revolve around the universal, fluid, multi-dimensional and value-loaded character of Muslim architecture that always eventually comes to the fore in any given socio-economic, religious and cultural context.***

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