Sabah earthquake: Two IIUM students share their experience

By Ajwad Amal 

The devastating earthquake that hit Sabah early this month (June) had left many scars for Malaysia especially the people of Sabah. More than 65 aftershocks have been recorded by the Malaysian Meteorological Department since the June 5 Mount Kinabalu earthquake which resulted in the deaths of 18 people. This absolutely caused traumatic feeling for the families of the victims who were involved in the tragedy.

In the aftermath of the Sabah earthquake on 5 June, IIUMToday interviewed two of IIUM students to share their thoughts and experiences on the tragedy.

Nur Sheril Atiqah Amis, first-year student of Kulliyyah of Language and Management who used to live at Membakut, Sabah shared her unforgettable moment during the earthquake. “I was very scared because I could feel the tremor from my house. It’s very strong. This was the first time in my life experiencing earthquake.”

One of her seniors experienced the quake while hiking Mount Kinabalu and the updates was followed through Facebook. Gratefully no life was lost during the tragedy.

“The most affected area was Ranau and Kundasang because it’s very near to the mountains. The miles from my house are around two hours’ drive but still the tremor was very intense. My mother told me that it might be an earthquake but I didn’t believe it at the time but later I received a lot of phone calls and WhatsApp warnings about the earthquake.”

Nuruddin Sabali, second-year student majoring in Political Science gave shared his view on the natural disaster that hardly occurred in our country. “Maybe we felt very safe in our comfort zone. We never experienced any earthquake before this that caused our country to have a kind of serious crisis management problem. Of course, the society especially the people of Sabah will be more aware on this issue and will be more prepared after this incident. It will need cooperation from all parties to create awareness. The National Security Council, for example, can learn from Japan in dealing with earthquake,” he added.

After all, the effort by mountain guides who had risked their lives on the top of Mount Kinabalu to save the victims in the tragedy, should be appreciated.

“Salute to the mountain guides who cared enough to help people in need at that time. It’s not easy to survive in the cold weather with earthquake happening on the top of the mountain,” said Sheril.

Malaysians had expressed condolences to the families of the victims to show solidarity and empathy to the trials and challenges faced by them.

“I hope that everybody will be strong and patient. This is the test from Allah as a reminder and affectionate to us. All the people of Sabah will always be with you,” said Nuruddin as a remarks to the families’ victim.

“Keep on praying for those who died,” added Sheril.

On behalf of staffs and students of the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), IIUMToday would like to send condolences to the families of the victims. May God lighten the burden and give them courage to carry on.***

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