Tips on how to benefit from your vacation

By Norfaizah Kamil

GOMBAK, 16 May 2015: The semester is coming to a finishing line. The revision week is coming, and then comes the ‘horror’ of final examination. However, what’s coming after that is what students have been waiting the most, which is the joy of semester break and another extra three months break if they’re not taking courses during the short semester.

For such a long vacation ahead of you, what are your plans? Still have no plan? Here’s a list of what you can do during your break:

• It’s good to improve your English. So, join English class and boost your confidence.

• Learn new language. Bonjour! Hola! Merhaba!

• Got hobbies? Pursue them. May be swimming, reading, writing, painting or baking? Spend time doing what you loves.

• Love something but not really good at it? For example, love playing guitar, but don’t know how to rock it? Take guitar lessons. Other lessons you could take are sewing, sculpting, swimming, cooking, baking, rollerblading, ice skating, dancing and etc.

• But if you are really good at something? Then, utilise it. If you’re good at sewing, you can tailor people’s clothes and if you’re good at baking, grab your mixer and start cookie-ing. Plus, Aidil Fitri or Eid Mubarak is near. People gonna need new “baju kurung” and cookies to serve. Can you hear “ka-ching” sound? Because I can.

• If you like something more adventurous, go travel somewhere. Take beautiful pictures and enjoy your journey.

• Get a part-time job. Have you thought of it? You can earn some money and add your working experience.

• Have you ever thought of venturing in business? If you haven’t, give it a thought and try it! It might be your cup of tea.Since Ramadhan is coming, set up a booth at bazaar Ramadhan.

• Exercise and focus on your health. Studying does make you forgot to take care of yourself. The stress, the assignments and all. Stay healthy this holiday by keeping up with a regular exercise regimen.

• Have you been driving illegally all this while? Or tired of public transportations? Get your own driving license. Take a driving class.

• Spend some quality time with you grandparents. Go “balik kampung” and embrace your childhood memories while you’re at it.

• Go for outdoor activity. Camping may be?

• Love watching movies and television series? Do a marathon or catch up what’s you’ve missed.

• How about doing something for others for a change? Level up your good deeds and do some charity in a welfare homes etc. ***

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