KAED products showcase exhibition

By Naeemah Munirah Abdullah

GOMBAK, 25 May 2015: Forty five final year students from Applied Arts and Design, Kulliyyah of Architecture and Environmental Design (KAED) are having their product showcase exhibition called ‘Rebirth: The Awaken Legacy.’ The exhibition displayed design models of researches by three different majors which are Conservation Design, Interior Design and Industrial Design.

“The reason we chose the term Rebirth as our theme is because a final year exhibition like this or known as degree show was once a tradition, but not lately. Thus this is like a rebirth for us, with the hope that students from other Kulliyyah as well as staff will gain exposure and experience in Applied Arts & Design course,” said Project Manager, Maryam Kirana.

The exhibition will be on for the whole week until 29 May 2015. Maryam explained that previously what they have done since their first year were only presentations, mostly in front of their own lecturers.

Other than that is the work that they present for Portfolio Day, where they get external evaluation. The exhibitions they ever involved in were projects related to their trip, and exhibited in KAED building. Therefore, this is the first in their four-year study that it is carried out outside KAED, trying to get more participation from other Kulliyyah.

“We understand that it is final exam season and that everyone is busy studying, but why not drop by since we are exhibiting this in the library and have a look at what we have prepared,” added the fourth year Interior Design major.

All the products are showcased at Level Two of Dar al-Hikmah library.***

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