Feeling restless? Make a visit to places around Gombak

By Zhe Peng 

As some of foreign students from IIUM have no idea where to spend their holiday, I’d like to suggest some of the most beautiful places in the Gonbak area. By knowing these wonderful places, you will never feel bored to spend your holiday.

First of all, one of the ‘hottest’ tourist spots around Gombak is Genting Highland. It is known as the best place to make yourself away from the hot sunny weather.

As we know, Malaysia is the country located within the tropical region, therefore, there is no other season but summer throughout. People here never experience how if feels to live in winter time. However, do not worry, if you go Genting Highland, you will at least get a little bit on the idea about how winter is. The climate there is pretty cool due to the high altitude of the mountain.

People who live in Kualar Lumpur can barely experience the climate as cool as in Genting Highland. So every time, when they feel like fed up with the hot weather, they would go there to cool themselves down. It is also famous for having one of biggest casinos in Asia region. However, you can barely find locals who gamble there, for Islam prohibits Muslim from gambling.

Another famous place is called Bukit Tinggi. It is also known as the French House, with the great style of the French architecture. If you go there, you will be able to feel exactly as if you are in France without physically being there. French House is the place full of the romantic atmosphere. It is strongly recommended that you take your wives or friends for a romantic trip.***

Photo courtesy of Wattana Tour

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