Centre changes name in effort to enhance community engagement

By Mohamad Amirul Hafiz Roslan

GOMBAK, 16 May 2015: The Centre for University Social Responsibility (CENSERVE) has officially changed its name to the University Centre for Community Engagement (UCCE).

This event was recently held on the occasion of the BUDI Awards 2015, attended by members of societies and clubs, to witness the changes made to give a new breath and motivation to the students. CENSERVE was the body established in IIUM on matters related to community development.

A total of 15 clubs received the BUDI Awards. They were from Kulliyyah, Mahallat, Student Representative Council (SRC), SUKSIS, and staffs from the Academic Staff Association (ASA), Professional Management Association (PMA), Kesatu, Kurnia, Puspanita and those who fully cooperated in making this event a success. Not forgetting were those people involved in community service and management.

The launching and the awards giving ceremony for societies and clubs was attended by Prof. Datuk Dr. MIzan Hitam. The awards were in recognition of those who gave their commitment to community services around the nation. Not forgetting to mention is the national achievement by some clubs.

He said that this is the third time he joined great event in IIUM with CENSERVE.

He added: “It’s different because we already changed to the new name. It is the culmination of UCCE, CENSERVE, all respective Mahallat and Kuliyyah. CENSERVE used to be a body that reached out and helped the people out there as volunteers without asking for any paybacks. These are the qualities IIUM students should have.”

Datuk Dr. Mizan also claimed: “There is a hadith which stated that the best person is some one who gives benefits to others. And this is what we intend to do right now. The interpretation of this hadith is our motivation. We travel across the nation to Temerloh, Kuantan, Kelantan and Perak to handle and help the flood victims. Only Allah can judge our deeds and it is Him who is merciful to grant and reward us.”

The ceremony was grand as all students from various societies and clubs attended the assembly. “This is unity in diversity but based on our principles of religion and tawheed paradigm, it should be more focused. We also should not leave behind the recognition from the Ministry of Education for awarding UMission Club and for The Best Volunteer Team Award, among universities in Malaysia, IIUM students and the university,” he added.

This is the first time in UCCE history that saw all the clubs under UCCE with representatives from the Kulliyyah and Mahallat joining together.

Datuk Dr. Mizan in his his speech said: “I do believe what we have done on campus needs to be more than this because we really need to collaborate and cooperate. All the activities should be in the report.”

Lastly Datuk Mizan quoted the following: “Orang berbudi kite berbahasa, orang memberi kite merasa.” ***

Photos taken by Ajwad Amal

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