Human Sciences dry area needs upgrading

By Norfaizah Kamil

GOMBAK, 18 May 2015: The Kulliyyah of Islamic Revealed Knowledge and Human Sciences’ (KIRKHS) dry area, also known as HS Café, will be upgraded before Semester 1, 2015/2016 as the condition of the facilities in the area needs to be fixed, especially the chairs.

“The Dean has promised to make changes before this coming long semester in September,” said the Co-Chairperson Academic & Intellectual of Students’ Representative Council (SRC) IIUM, HafizudinYahaya.

He added: “Complaints have been made several times at Facilities, Food and Services Department (FFSD) to fix the area but the repairing process depends on the contract and contractor in charge.”

According to Hafizudin, a meeting of the SRC with the Dean of KIRKHS  has been conducted to discuss the situation and to urge FFSD and the contractor to do something as the condition seems to worsen. ***


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