MUN training programmes for public universities

By Suraya Usamah

GOMBAK, 16 May 2015: At the beginning of next semester, the IIUM Module UN Club will be organising workshops for 14 different public universities in Malaysia on the techniques of Module UN and how to start up a MUN Club.

Since Module UN is only known and established among private schools and universities, it is of great importance that essential basic training is provided to public universities and grant them with the fundamental skills needed such as public speaking, problem solving and team work.

“It is of great pleasure that we will be working directly with United Nations Associations of Malaysia (UNAM) on these trainings and we hope that by the end of the year there will be 14 new MUN clubs in Malaysia,” said IIUM MUN Secretary General, Waheedur Rahman.

The training within IIUM will be conducted for students who are interested in joining the Club next semester. Those who are interested in international affairs and global politics are encouraged to join the programme so as to gain experience and insight.

IIUM MUN Club has launched its official website which contains recordings and details on winning of previous conferences and events. Those who want to register for the training may subscribe on the website

Among the conferences that will be held next year which IIUM MUN Club will be participating in are the Monash Conference 2015, and Harvard World MUN in Rome, Italy. ***

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