Importance of learning basic first aid

By Siti Nurhasimah

GOMBAK, 22 April 2015: First aid is an immediate care given to the injured person or someone taken ill suddenly. A mass gathering was conducted today to teach students about basic understanding on how to react and take action when an accident happens nearby and around them until an ambulance arrives.

The first step that they take may save a person’s life. And this could mean a difference between life and death for the injured person. The aim for the first aid is to preserve life, prevent worsening and promote recovery to the injury.

A total of six sections from recreation skill level 1 has participated in the Mass Class of Basic First Aid for Recreation Skill Level 1 at the Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyyah of Laws (AIKOL).

In this mass class, students learn how to do basic treatment for the cases like laceration, cut and wound, burn and fracture. This is because if the first aider fails and makes a wrong treatment, it will make the injury becomes worse. In this mass gathering, students have been exposed to the basic way to make a necessary treatment because different injury has different way of treatment.

As a first aider, they must install some kind of attitude before they can take action to do a first aid. The attitude that they must have as a first aider is calm. As a first aider, they must be calm when they want to treat the patient.

Secondly, patience (sabr), where the first aider must not shout or fell angry toward the patient if he or she keeps screaming and crying because of the injury.

Thirdly, is knowledgeable, where only the knowledgeable first aider can treat the injured person.

And fourthly is sincerity (ikhlas). As a first aider, they must be sincere to help people, not because they want to have a reward.***

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