COSA theatre show a success

By Siti Nurhasimah

GOMBAK, 14 April 2015 –  In conjunction with the Communication and Media Week, Communication Students’ Association (COSA) has organised a theatre show last night. The purpose of the show was to raise funds in aid of Pusat Kebajikan Al-Fikrah in Kajang, Selangor. Proceeds of RM1.00 from each ticket sold for the theatre will be channelled to the organisation.

The show involved four different production groups with their own creative performance conducted in Malay language.

The production groups which participated in this show were Gagak Putih Production, Creept Production, Amigos Production and Twinkle Studio with their performances titled Amukan Satelit, Boneka Betina, Mimpi Pertengahan Musim Panas and Amukan Dewata respectively.

Audiences were given ballot papers to choose the group which they considered had put up the best performance. The marks were based on the votes of the audiences apart from the marks from the judges who were appointed to evaluate their performances. Declared the winner by COSA was Amigos Production with Mimpi Pertengahan Musim Panas, a theatre adapted from great work of William Shakespeare.

The theatre show had attracted overwhelming response from theatre fans and was indeed a real success.

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