Grand awareness campaign on disability

By Quraibah Razak

GOMBAK, 9 April 2015: For the second time, Welfare Secretariat of Disabled Students Affairs, Students Representatives Council 2014/2015 will be organising a grand awareness campaign on disability that will take place for two days starting on 18 until 19 April to enhance IIUM community awareness and understanding pertaining to disability.

The event will be held in collaboration with the Disability Services Unit (DSU), Office of Deputy Rector and Student Affairs (ORDSA) and IIUM IBN UMM MAKTUM CLUB (I-MaC).

IDGAC’1S is offering unique and different programmes compared to the other programmes that have been held by university. It is a programme that will further enhance the bond between SRC, staff, students and the Malaysian community at large, indirectly will enhance our understanding on disability issue and inculcate greater volunteerism spirit among IIUM community.

This year, there will be three programmes involved which are Conference IDGAC, exhibition and Run and Roll.

The main objective of this awareness campaign is to show to the world that IIUM community care for the disability issue and by organising the campaign it would enable us to lead toward inclusive community in Malaysia.

The Welfare Secretariat of Disabled Students Affairs hopes that by organising such programmes, the IIUM community will be given the chance to increase their knowledge of current situation.

Throughout this campaign, it will also give the opportunity for the students to contribute and play a role in solving the current issues and problems that are circulating around.

Moreover, by being together as one community with one aim and one reach, the disabled community is equally the same with non-disabled community as both are the ultimate asset to build the nation.

By being together, we could achieve more for a better nation. ***

Photo of IDGAC 15

Quraibah Razak

Communication Student majoring in Public Relations. A cheerful and adventurous lady with brain who has her own principle in her life.

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