It’s an honour to serve MRC

By Awang Abdul Muizz

It’s an honour for every one of us to serve all 27 residential colleges (Mahallah) all over the campus of the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) as members of the Mahallah Representative Committee (MRC).

MRC is not just a committee. It is a free and noble student authority formed by the University to administer the Mahallah. MRC is not only answerable to the Mahallah authority, but also to thousands of residents.

The presence of MRC at the heart of IIUM community has reasons: To commemorate basic principles laid down by the University; to enhance university facilities, utilities and services; to exhibit the importance of Mahallah in our daily life, and to model the future world community.

Mahallah is a place where it is supposed to be a self-contained not only with services, but also activities. If IIUM is a state, Mahallah is a province. Mahallah is obviously vital to IIUM community, as Mahallah becomes a key player of missions of Integration, Internationalisation, Islamisation and Comprehensive Excellence (Triple ICE).

MRC works closely and continuously with the university, particularly with the Mahallah, in driving the Mahallah and leading its people.

As a member of MRC, we will ensure that everyone deserves comfortable accessories, better amenities and accessible services. We want everyone to sleep tight, to study diligently, to dine deliciously, to make up beautifully, to stay healthily, and to live in peace and harmony. That’s the reason we welcome every Mahallah resident who can come forward to express and reveal anything he or she feels, so we can lend our hand to help.

More than that, we will try our best to walk inch by inch, to go round block by block and to knock door by door to reach and meet every Mahallah resident, to say hello, to comprehend the feelings of joy and sorrow, to share ideas and experiences, to channel feedbacks and requests to the right place, and to solve problems.

At the same time, we call on every Mahallah resident to involve and participate in Mahallah activities, as those will bring benefits in our life. All Mahallah activities are conducted to cater for the needs of IIUM community members of possessing soft skills and honing hidden talents.

On that account, MRC is a part of IIUM Strategic Plan 2013-2020, which seeks to produce global leaders. In short, the presence of MRC as a group of IIUM student leaders is so meaningful.

MRC is not only a generator of socialisation, but also an agent of student leadership. As Mahallah strives to excel, the MRC pledges to serve the Mahallah and its residents the best in ensuring that our university achieve its noble direction.***

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