Internship and Career Fair 2015: Students express opinion

By Maryam Spahic & Putri Othman

GOMBAK, 7 April, 2015: Internship and Career Fair is back again with over 30 participating companies from various fields. It is held in the Cultural Activity Centre from 9 am to 5 pm on 7 and 8 April. Clinics and seminars are held throughout the day by professionals such as the Grooming Clinic and Interview Clinic.

All students, especially the graduating ones are encouraged to benefit from this fair for the sake of their future. Hence, we have asked several IIUM students their opinion and expectations towards this year’s internship & career fair.

  •  Iman Karim, Psychology major, final semester:

I believe the career and internship fair is a fantastic platform to expose students to what their future career prospects might entail. This is also an important avenue for graduating students who have not long to go before venturing into the working world as they get to meet prospective employers and open doors to securing employment. It also shows how in demands our graduates are by these participating organisations and it is a testament to the high education standards we set here at IIUM.

  • Fatimah Zainal, Mass Communication major, third year:

It’s a valuable platform for graduating students for many reasons such as it allows us to test our marketability and employability as IIUM graduates, trains us on how to acquire job-landing skills and helps us to establish rapport and important networks.

  • Nurasilah binti Ali Sabri, Mass Communication major, third year:

My expectation is to see more companies participating in the career fair as compared to before. And it would be nice if there are guidelines or advisors that we as students could refer to in regards to our majors because some of us major in certain courses because of passion and never think about the kind of work prospect they would go into in future. An exhibition regarding the job prospect and our majors would be good. And I heard there would be a lot workshops will be held like grooming workshop, resume clinic and I think it will definitely benefit the students a lot.

  • Nurul Farhah Ab Aziz, Political Science major, third year:

As a political science student I am inclined to seek organisations that would cater to my specialised field of study that is international relations. As my primary reason to study this course in the first place is due to the profound social injustices that is occuring around me which I intend to help rectify, I would be expecting organisations such as Islamic Relief and Mercy Malaysia to be present in the career fair. Besides that, an organisation such as the United Nations should also be allowed to participate in the career fair to add to the diversity of career choices offered by a university as prestigious as IIUM.***

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Maryam Spahic

Bosnian-Malay Mass Communication student.

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