Mediation as a means to resolve conflicts among community

By Mahadhir Monihuldin

GOMBAK, 24 March 2015: Conflict within Malaysia seems to be a pervading theme in the news media and it knows no rest. Nevertheless, the Asian Law Students’ Association (ALSA) along with IIUM’s UNESCO Club (IUC) has boldly conducted a talk on community mediation as a solution to conflict.

The talk which was held at the Moot Court on 18 March featured the Director of Unity Management under the National Registration Department of Malaysia in Putrajaya, Zulkifli bin Hashim. He delivered a comprehensive speech to the audience on the details and intricacies of mediation method in alleviating disputes among the community.

Secretary of IUC, Hanna Ambaras Khan said: “Mediation is the usage of a neutral third-party in helping the disputants communicate and develop a solution to the problem at hand.”

This method of resolving issues proves most suitable in a multicultural society like Malaysia where “two parties are able to come up with their own solution with the facilitation of an unbiased mediator.”

Head of ALSA, Danial Ilham Kammaruddin, shared with us his inspiration to running the event.

He said: “What motivated me to organise this event is the hope that students would start taking initiatives regarding social issues through the proper medium instead of ranting about it online. We’re only this chunk of rock for a while so we have to make every moment meaningful.”

The talk on community mediation was only part of the IUC lecture series titled ‘Mediation: The Alternative Dispute Resolution’ which will see many more lectures to come.***

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