Volunteers needed to help conduct Islamic tourism

By Izzud deen Redzuan

KUALA LUMPUR, 19 March 2015: The Masjid Tour Programme (MTP) has a group of dedicated volunteers who work under the Masjid Wilayah to conduct visits for tourists to see the Kuala Lumpur’s Mosque in the Garden, according to the chairperson of the programme, Azizah Mohd Noor.

The main purpose of this programme is to introduce to the outside world the heritage of Islam, particularly in Malaysia, and for tourists to appreciate the uniqueness of Masjid Wilayah’s architectures drawn from notable Islamic civilisations.

In her talk on “Architecture Reflects Faith: The Mosque Tour Programme”, Azizah stressed the need for volunteers who can communicate well in multiple languages and show good characters of Muslims.

Therefore, the MTP has called upon the young generation, especially university students, to grab this opportunity to become volunteers in this programme. As expected, IIUM students are among those in the top-list due to their wide usage of English and Arabic and their level of fluency in communicating skills.

“We will be providing the training for the newcomers, a mentorship programme to strengthen the bond among the volunteers and conduct sharing moments to enlighten the daily routine as volunteers in this Masjid,” she said.

Meanwhile, Hani, a colleague of Azizah, explained how students should apply to become volunteers. There are three ways, first the students may contact Azizah Mohd Noor via her email. Or they can go and see her personally at the main office. Lastly, students may apply for real-pass for tourist guides through the Islamic Tourism Centre (ITC) online form.

She also mentioned that by joining this programme students would benefit in terms of building professional networking and upgrading of soft and presentation skills, and these would look good in their resume’ later.

A third year student, Hamka Rosli said: “It cannot be denied that this programme would help students a lot in preparing them to join the industry later and this volunteering works would also make us close to our Creator as this can be counted as ibadah too.”

The Islamic Tourism Centre (ITC) and International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) had signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on 5 January 2014, aimed at collaborating and providing the students places for internship as well as mobility programmes for both the staffs and students.***

Photo taken by Hamka Rosli

Izzud deen Redzuan

Former Managing Editor of IIUMToday 2014 - 2016, Best Undergraduate Researcher 2015 & Hamka Award 'Best Communication' Student for 33rd Convocation 2017.

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