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By Amirul Hafiz

GOMBAK, 10 March 2015: It was really a great honour to have both the university’s President, Tan Sri Rais Yatim and the Rector, Prof. Dato’ Seri Dr. Zaleha Kamaruddin to visit the studio and IIUMToday newsroom recently (5 March). This was the second visit by the President to studio but with colourful launching ceremony his visit this time has been more precious.

There are not so many occasions for both of them to spend their time for such a visit because, as we know, both of them are busy people working hard for the university. Both and IIUMToday crew members had worked tirelessly to ensure this event ran smoothly as planned, because it involved two very important persons. All preparations were done to portray their best.

Tan Sri Rais got his second chance on air with the deejays. It’s really grateful to have both of them in the studio with their continuous support and commitment to show that they really care and love to see the development of students’ skills. The students look forward for this kind of support and motivation from the university’s top leadership to provide them with the much needed inspirations.

The President was interviewed on the topic “IIUM Becoming Global Islamic Universities”. It can be said that IIUM has grown much over the last three decades.

Tan Sri Rais said much water have passed through the bridge in the last decades after 1993 with the idea of having IIUM on the score of giving services through elmu and to cohesively nurture the ummah into a knowledgeable community.

At the same time it is to prosper to economic well-being, making the ummah joining together to achieve solidarity of brotherhood as well as in putting forward the utensil of civilisation. He added that in the future, competition will always be there to challenge us.

He said what IIUM wanted to achieve in future is clear but everybody needed to strive for excellence not only in pursuit of knowledge but at the same time to boost the civilisation, namely the Islamic civilisation, to the point that the world should know us.

Tan Sri Rais said: “We as Muslims or as universal students are coming here based on IIUM motto, The Garden of Knowledge and Virtue, should reap to reality.”

He added: “The difference of IIUM with other universities lies in various styles, one of them is relating to our culture in an entity that others would feel they want to come here. The brotherhood and sisterhood that’s been the talk-about in the Quran and Sunnah has sanctioned us to be prospered by these.”

He said the economic drives were also needed to walk into the line. IIUM has to produce first class graduates and the commercial subject for Islam. Basically, it is an idea of pioneers educating the ummah with clear and right mind setting.

The second question was on how to become an Islamic university. Tan Sri Rais replied: “We need to have a clear thinking and a clarity of mind. Therefore, culture needs to be developed because people want to know what is in Islamic culture that Islam will become more attractive. The way we live, the way we treat other Muslims and non-Muslims, and the way we project peace in Islam. This is really important.” ***

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